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Grooming Bath Mud Bath Hydrotherapy Massage with Essential Oils Nail Clipping
Our Guarantee to you!

We only use natural products

Certified organic meat and vegetables, ingredients that are 100% free of artificial byproducts, added hormones, antibiotics, grain and gluten (corn, wheat and soy free).

New! Aroma Therapy Spa

Aromatherapy for dogs is the therapeutic use of 100% pure oils for holistic treatments of physical and behavioral problems in pets such as separation anxiety & excessive barking. The oils, which are specifically diluted for use with dogs, provide immediate, profound and long lasting results on the animals overall health and well-being

Pamper your Angels with a Spa Day at Angels Care!

We offer full service Grooming, baths, mud baths, made with all Natural clay and Minerals (Great for shedding, aching joints, Natural & Soothing skin care for Itchy and irritated skin.

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Raw Food for Dogs and Cats Committed to elevate the Health of your pets.


Susan Lanci Designs All kind of pets accessories order from us.

Holistic Pet Health

Natural Holistic Pet Care & Animal Health Products Natural Flea & Tick Remedies.


Kills Fleas irritated skin itchy & Scratchy, all these have protective & soothing ingredients beneficial for older dogs cleanse, condition, & treat without suds or lather

Health Extension
Natural Balance

Made with premium ingredients, its formulas offer complete and balanced nutrition.

Holistic Pet Health

Canine Itching Remedies by Madra Mór Cleanse, Protect, Rejevenate Naturally.


NUTRO™ natural dog and cat food.

It uses oxygen therapy and aroma therapy to relax pets, and an ionizer that lifts excess hair dander and bacteria; and also kills fleas and ticks.
It is a non-invasive method that calms furry clients before and after baths and other treatments.

Angles Care Holistic is proud to groom our angles with holistic and natural products, we have a capacity to groom any size dog
Groming and Nail clipped for your cat, Call us today to make an appointment and let us take care of your angel.

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